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The Malta Bus
The story of the Malta Bus is a long and colourful tale. It started in 1905 when in Malta there was also the railway service running. Once the railway stopped operations in 1931 the buses became the main transport providers.

For years the colours and shapes of the Malta Buses have attracted attention by locals and foreigners alike and buses are present in most postcards old and recent. Over time the Malta Bus had come to form an integral part of the local landscape. In the early days buses were also decorated for special occasions and reflected the mood of the nation during historic milestones.

The Malta Buses were built locally on imported chassis. Master coach builders carried out the construction of buses in specialized workshops. Gathering together teams of skilled craftsmen in various fields together with mechanical and electrical engineers provided all the skill to build the buses from scratch. The result was elegant and practical, designed to work well in Malta's then developing road network and hot climate. The buses were built and eventually after a stretch of time on the road, rebuilt and styled to more modern specifications. Diesel engines were also rebuilt and upgraded. Gearboxes and differentials were masterfully maintained and engineering workshops machined replacement parts making the buses run efficiently year in year out.

A primary service to an ever growing passenger base, the Malta Bus service endured long hours of work, rugged terrain and even the blitz of the Second World War. Always in forward gear and sometimes against all odds the bus service managed to deliver passengers to destination.

The Malta Bus story is foremost a human tale. The determination, entrepreneurship and ingeniousness of the Malta Bus owners went a long way. Fuelled with hard work and commitment from the owners, the business passed from generation to generation. Dedicating their utmost attention to the upkeep of their vehicles and attending to strenuous bus timetables made the business survive the test of time. No wonder most of the drivers' cabins on the Malta Buses were so keenly decorated with personal artefacts - a second home.

Today the Malta Bus is a rare sight on the Maltese roads. Focal Point Transport COOP have 3 beautifully restored buses in their fleet. These buses give a past time experience to passengers and are requested on various occasions including conferences, weddings and excursions.
Some Quick Information
Offering tours around the Maltese islands on vintage buses. Transport, and taxi services also provided.
Airport Transfers
Airport Transfers
We offer Malta airport to hotel, and hotel to Malta airport transport services. We offer fixed prices, no meters!
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Tours and Excursions
Tours and Excursions
At Focal Point we provide a list of tours, visiting the islands' main attractions, historical places and markets.
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Special Services
Special Services
At Focal Point we have a number of vehicles in our fleet with solutions for people with reduced mobility.
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Taxi services
Taxi Services
We offer chauffeur driven services, both for groups and for individuals.
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Ferry transfers
Ferry Transfers
At Focal Point we offer services for tourists visiting the Maltese Islands by cruiseliners.
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Wedding Transport
We offer a number of chauffeur driven services with a wide range of vehicles, from vintage to the newest models.
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