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Malta Temples
The Maltese temples are famous all around the world. These temples were built in prehistoric times, and are believed to have been built for the purpose of worshipping the gods, most predominantly Juno - the goddess of fertility and childbearing. Many statues of Juno have been found in some of the temples. The different temples were built in three ages: The Stone Age, The Iron Age, and The Bronze Age. Etchings have been found in several of the temples, and the Hypogeum in the South of Malta bears on its ceiling what is believed to be a drawing of the Tree of Life that has survived and been preserved to this very day.

Tourists are encouraged to visit these heritage sites that bear in their roots a history that has not been written.
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Malta history information, general information about the Sunny islands of Malta
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Airport Transfers
We offer Malta airport to hotel, and hotel to Malta airport transport services. We offer fixed prices, no meters!
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Tours and Excursions
At Focal Point we provide a list of tours, visiting the islands' main attractions, historical places and markets.
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Special Services
At Focal Point we have a number of vehicles in our fleet with solutions for people with reduced mobility.
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Ferry Transfers
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